Should we outsource our seo work to India?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for online marketing. If you have a website and you want to get more business online then coming on first page of google or other top search engines is very important. Now person having a website who is new to internet world is confused, he/she do not know how to find a reliable SEO company or Individual. Now what they do normally search on google and find out some local seo company or individual for seo job. In North America the charges are higher for doing seo as compare to India. But the person is not aware of that. To help individuals here are the points that has to be taken care while selecting any SEO company in India.

  1. Search on google with keywords like SEO company in India or SEO in India or if looking for a result based seo then Result based seo services India
  2. This will give you number of results, now open all seo company website and send them inquiry emails
  3. Company that ask you most of the questions have more experience than others normally as before sending you any proposal they want to understand the whole website details and target audience
  4. You should receive some initial report from the companies whom you have contacted with some suggestion, this you can compare and also check which has studied your website and keywords in depth
  5. Once all this is done then check out the pricing, Companies that do too much of bargaining avoid those companies as they will not deliver what they say.
  6. Now which are the companies that you can try? Suppose you have short listed few companies. All seems good and replied to you properly on all your initial queries. Next what you have to check is one to one interaction with the person who is having experience in SEO and doing it. If the person whom you are interacting is the OWNER of the company then it’s the best part. No one can give you guarantee of bringing you on the first page, so try those company who charges on pay for performance basis. Such companies are more assure what they promise.
  7. Avoid all companies that say we have some tricks or have some contacts in google or any un real stories.
  8. Company who shares you what they will be doing and how much time it takes normally and will also share the monthly report of what work is done in the whole month on website is more reliable than any other company.

If you closely follow all above steps then there is no harm in outsourcing your SEO project to India. Most of the companies in USA and Canada outsource their SEO projects to India.

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